Resource & Facilities

  • Library : The Library and Information Service at HIB incorporates online, and physical text resources covering all main areas relevant to our course offering. The library provides optimum facilities for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    The Library provides access to information resources and areas for quiet study. Group study and Individual study areas are available to allow students to collaborate on joint projects and assignments. Other student facilities include access to past examination papers and lecturers' notes.
  • Computer Laboratory: Our large computer lab is used for delivery of relevant courses at HIB. Students have access to the computer laboratory for tutorial and assessment purposes. All the computers have internet access and are connected to network printers. Also the campus has wireless access to internet facilities.
  • Human Resources: Skilled and knowledgeable administrative staff provide a very efficient responsive service to the students. HIB Faculty staff are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated professionals committed to providing personal attention to each student.
  • Classrooms: Classrooms are air-conditioned, bright, and fully equipped with white boards (interactive also), OHPs, data projectors, and Internet connections.
  • Student Common Room: The Students' common room provides facilities for self-study, group study, an eating area, and a general chill-out space!
  • Information Hub & Service: The Information Area at HIB is managed and updated by administrative staff and provides a constant stream of Academic and General Welfare info, as well as Social and Event info regarding the college and Brisbane itself.

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